🚩 Trustees Management Committee

Next meeting dates 2021

January / June /  October / 2nd December (AGM) 

03.12.20 (AGM) POSTPONED to 30th April 2021 at latest, otherwise next AGM 2nd December 2021.

18.10.20 Zoom meeting (key notes)             

  1. Trustees Indemnity Insurance: Agreed that quote for TII of £426.71 be included in an updated baseline budget for consideration of long term viability at the next meeting.
  2. Welsh ISDS Directors: Agreed that S&T to write to E.W. Edwards acting President to request update on next steps with regard to recent correspondence between Directors and Council i.e. to be followed up any further? plans to share letters with Welsh members? NWSDS willing to allow use of their media platforms provided SWSDTA agree to do the same.
  3. Trustees : Agreed to nominate Gwynfor Owen (Anglesey) and to pursue vacancies for Caernarfonshire and Meirionnydd. To be confirmed at next AGM.
  4. AGM 2020: As a result of covid-19 restrictions, agreed to postpone the planned 2020 AGM until 30th April 2021 at the latest otherwise next will be on 2nd December 2021. Any urgent matters requiring determination in the interim to be decided by email/messenger.
  5. Trials: Agreed to postpone the 2020 ‘Nursery Final’ until end of February 2021 at the latest.
  6. Diary: Agreed to produce 2021 diary in .pdf electronic form to control costs. To publish at the end of March to give maximum opportunity to include planned trials. Updates and changes to be posted on the website as presently.
  7. PL/EL Insurance: Agreed to cancel insurance policy (August 2020/2021) to control costs. Cover to be rearranged from when required in 2021.
  8. Nursery Heats 2021: Agreed to increase the entry fee for NWSDS Nursery Heats from £3 to £5 from 2021
  9. Annual dinner: Confirmed that the 2020 Annual Dinner has been cancelled (covid-19 restrictions)

25.06.20 virtual meeting (key notes)

  1. Agreed that the Society’s position (including the ISDS) remains unchanged from that posted on the website and social media in March. If it is possible to socially gather and travel in the next few months in Wales, it may be possible to run a few local trials and complete elements  of the Nursery season BUT only if ISDS insurance which is currently voided is reinstated and local committees and communities are prepared to arrange/host trials. NWSDS cannot be associated in anyway with any event that is uninsured.
  2. Agreed that previous decision stands and 2021 diaries will NOT be sent to individual members who have not paid their 2020 subscription.
  3. Agreed that Trials who have not paid membership in 2020 will ONLY have a single line entry in the 2021 diary noting only the date and venue.
  4. Agreed not to impose a rejoining fee of £5 in 2021 for unpaid members and trials.
  5. Noted that the Nationwide reserves account has been closed (5th June) and the funds will now be managed through the NWSDS Barclays current account until interest rates are more favourable.
  6. Agreed in view of the Covid-19 restrictions to ‘void’ the 2020 provisions. Consequently, the Chair will remain with Montgomeryshire for 2021 and that Anglesey will now take the Chair from 2022. Arrangements already made for the NWSDS Championships / Nursery Final / Dinner and Class 2 trials in 2020 can hopefully be revived and rearranged for 2021 (in full or in part).
  7. Also agreed that in these exceptional circumstances that the Trustees terms of office be adjusted accordingly – noting that AS will still be replaced by ALlO for Ynys Mon in 2021.

20.02.20 (key notes)

  1. Agreed to post on website / FB offer of possible help from NWSDS members if needed by any Affiliated Trials which are finding it difficult to find sufficient committee members / helpers.
  2. Trustees Indemnity Insurance (TII) discussion paper considered – agreed S&T to obtain quote for further consideration at next meeting.
  3. Policies and procedures – noted and agreed reviews reference list.
  4. Disciplinary procedure – adopted.
  5. Complaints procedure – adopted.
  6. Agreed S&T remuneration (December 2020) in light of developments and charity status.
  7. NWSDS trials – agreed that the Committee should be advised of all arrangements for Championship trials agreed by the local committees e.g. judges, trial fields, number of sheep to be used etc. in order to maintain a minimum standard as far as practically possible.
  8. National Qualifying points – agreed that trials should continue to be encouraged to include a pen and single/shed as required to gain points e.g. within the same time limit if it helps!?
  9. Nursery Qualifying league table 2021 – agreed not to pursue.
  10. Mentor trials 2020 – noted that no trials have been organised to date but several nurseries have invited entries from locals/beginners (need to encourage more to follow suit).
  11. Agreed to propose increasing entry fee for Nursery Heats from £3 to £5 at AGM 2020 (half to NWSDS as now).
  12. Agreed to arrange first meeting in 2021 in January instead of February.

🚩 Membership 2021

The Trustees have agreed (18.10.20) that the 2021 diary is likely to be produced in electronic form (.pdf) in order to help control costs if, as seems likely, some Covid-19 restrictions are still in place and it may not be possible to confirm dates. In this event (new) dates will be added to the website when they become available as normal.

Please note that if and when it is possible to reintroduce a printed diary these will only be posted to fully paid up members.

Your membership is important and contributes to the functioning of all the other aspects of the Society including running our trials, media platforms, results / advertising services and meeting our Charity Commission requirements.

Payment is due on the 1st January each year (£15 / £20 non UK) and should be made (standing order preferred) or sent to the Secretary as soon as possible please. Bank and postal details are on page 4 of the diary.

This will avoid any disappointment, administrative disruption and ensure you remain on the Society’s mailing list. Your support is very valuable and much appreciated.

📌 Coronavirus (risk assessment & posters)

Click on links to view

Covid HSE risk assessment Covid distance poster Covid hygiene poster

Covid distance poster

Covid hygiene poster

👀 Trials: “a helping hand”

The Society is keen to try and help any Affiliated Trials who may be struggling to find enough committee members / helpers.

The Society is happy to use its media to help identify individual members who may be willing to help.

Please contact the Secretary if you would find this useful.

🚩 ISN Digital Magazine now available

You can now get the ISN Magazine in a digital version. Please get in touch in order to access. The link has all the instructions.



🚩Pet travel to Europe after Brexit


Whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal [gov.uk link]





📌 Reminder: trial entry criteria

TRIAL ENTRY CRITERIA (NWSDS including Affiliated Societies) (unless otherwise stated in members diary)

AGORED/OPEN: Any handler and dog, worldwide,  no restrictions

DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world

DOSBARTH 3/CLASS 3: UK & Ireland based handlers (not dogs) that have not won a single prize of more than £15 anywhere in the world.

Note: Individual handlers are responsible for the  welfare (incl. possible injury) and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the trial e.g.  deciding whether their dog(s) run the course, are fully fit to run the trial course and are kept under control/supervision at all times.

📌 Victor Ludorum 2019 final positions

Congratulations go to Hefin Jones and Spotan (Open) and Dylan Edwards and Jet (Class 2) on their very successful seasons. 👏 🍾


🚦EOD Awareness Group on Facebook

We have been asked to raise awareness of this group on Facebook. As many of you will know, Early Onset Deafness (also referred to as EAOD or Early Adult Onset Deafness) is an issue in Border Collies

🚩 Website advertising (incl. sheepdogs for sale)

Members are entitled to a 20% discount on this website’s advertising rates.

For example, instead of £30 for a 90 day advert members pay £24.

NWSDS Policy .pdf          Website advertising

As other media is preventing the advertising of animals for sale, members may be considering using this site. This is possible for members only but will be kept under review e.g.

  • this facility is exclusively for responsible sheepdog sales between members and associated ISDS members.
  • the additional workload may mean limiting the number of adverts running at one time.
  • NWSDS reserves the right to remove this facility or refuse to accept specific adverts at any time.

A .jpeg of your advert and a copy of any links e.g.  

is the best and easiest way to advertise.

Please also complete and email your completed booking form in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Booking form              .docx        Adv. form

.pdf          Adv. form

Adverts will be included on a “Dogs for sale” page on this sites menu