🚩 Membership 2021

CCDGC/NWSDS membership subscriptions are due as normal on the 1st January. Details of how to pay are on page 4 of the 2020 diary an on our website.


It is looking more hopeful that the situation with Covid-19 will improve sufficiently by the summer to hold some trials and the Society is planning on this basis. We will try and produce a slimmed down diary if there are sufficient confirmed dates for this to be worthwhile e.g. dates from July onwards with any earlier dates posted on our media as below.  

If this is possible diaries will be posted week commencing 3rd May.

Diaries will be posted to members who paid in 2020 as agreed by the Trustees in 2019. Unfortunately nearly 40 former members did not so will not receive a 2021 diary.

If it is not possible to produce a diary, dates will be publicised on our website and social media (a week before). 

However, paid up members who are also members of our private group on Facebook (40% of our current membership) will be notified as and when dates are confirmed so are likely have greater advance notice. If you are on Facebook but not part of the group and are a paid up member please get in touch.

Nonetheless, we hope in these unprecedented times that you will continue to support the Society and still feel able to contribute to all the other facets including our championships, nurseries, media platforms, results, advertising services and meeting our regulatory requirements as a Charity.

🚩 EU pet travel link


🚩 Postponed AGM 3rd December

Dear Members,

Society AGM 2020 and business update

In view of the continuing problems regarding Covid-19, the Trustees as you know took the decision to postpone the 2020 AGM which was due to take place on the 3rd December.

A large indoor or outdoor gathering of people from different households is not possible therefore our regular booking at Pentrefoelas was cancelled.

Holding an AGM through Zoom was considered but the technical and practical requirements make this unfeasible at present.   

If a meeting becomes viable in the first half of 2021 details will be advised otherwise there will not be another AGM until the 2nd December 2021.

Any motions for the 2020 AGM will be carried forward for discussion and voting at the first opportunity. Motions for the 2021 AGM should still be submitted to the Secretary as normal by the 21st October 2021 including the names of proposer and seconder.

On behalf of Montgomeryshire I will continue as chair in 2021 in the hope that we can then resume our normal sequence in 2022. The Trustees will seek to co-opt members to the Management Committee to fill any Trustee vacancies that arise. These interim appointments and any changes made to the Society’s rules or procedures will be presented for adoption by resolution at the next possible general meeting.

There are also some other Society matters that I need to bring to your attention –

  • If an approved Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out as planned by Easter (weekend 2nd to  5th April) it should be possible to print a 2021 diary. This will require a sufficient number of trial dates to be confirmed as normal by 1st March 2021. Otherwise in order to control costs the Trustees have decided that it will have to be in an ‘electronic form’ using our website (next trial) and Facebook closed group for paid up members (all notified trial dates). If you are not on already on Facebook it may be worth considering joining.
  • To afford the Trustees greater personal liability protection and reduce costs we are hoping to form a new charitable structure as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). If this is accepted by the Charity Commission our assets will be transferred to the ‘new’ charity and our existing constitution will come to an end. Although this is largely a technical issue it will require 75% of the voting members at an AGM to proceed and will be a significant motion at the next meeting.
  • Membership subscriptions and donations amongst other things help pay for the work of the Secretary and Treasurer which includes more than just compiling the diary in whatever form. The Society, for example, as a charity has regulatory requirements to fulfil, the website and social media platforms have to be maintained (including the trial results service) and the Society trials have to be organised. Trustees consider that the majority of members recognise this work and believe that the impact on membership numbers in 2021 should not be too adverse. This will be reviewed before a decision is made on subscription fees and what form the diary will take in 2022.
  • The Society has reported a loss of £1,204 for the year 2019/2020 ending 31st October 2020. Fortunately, our planned reserves are more than sufficient to cover this loss and a similar sum anticipated for 2020/2021.
  • Total individual membership at the end of 2020 is 235 a net reduction of 36 (£540) due, in the main, to not being able to collect cash memberships from UK and continental Europe based triallists. This highlights the importance of maintaining individual memberships to the viability of the Society. Standing orders really are the best way to pay 😃.
  • The Charity Commission annual reports (2019/2020) are also posted on the website as normal and provide fuller details.

The Trustees would like to thank you all for your support during this difficult year with Covid-19 and hope that this will continue in 2021 which as I write is looking far more promising.

In the meantime, we wish all our members good health and happy Christmas and New Year festivities.

Keep safe.

Kind Regards,

Gareth Ruggeri

Chair of Trustees Management Committee 2020 & 2021

🚩 Annual reports 2019/2020 (Charity Commission)

Annual report


Financial statement


📌 Coronavirus (risk assessment & posters)

Click on links to view

Covid HSE risk assessment Covid distance poster Covid hygiene poster

Covid distance poster

Covid hygiene poster

📌 Trials: “a helping hand”

The Society is keen to try and help any Affiliated Trials who may be struggling to find enough committee members / helpers.

The Society is happy to use its media to help identify individual members who may be willing to help.

Please contact the Secretary if you would find this useful.

🚩 ISN Digital Magazine now available

You can now get the ISN Magazine in a digital version. Please get in touch in order to access. The link has all the instructions.



📌 Reminder: trial entry criteria

TRIAL ENTRY CRITERIA (NWSDS including Affiliated Societies) (unless otherwise stated in members diary)

AGORED/OPEN: Any handler and dog, worldwide,  no restrictions

DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world

DOSBARTH 3/CLASS 3: UK & Ireland based handlers (not dogs) that have not won a single prize of more than £15 anywhere in the world.

Note: Individual handlers are responsible for the  welfare (incl. possible injury) and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the trial e.g.  deciding whether their dog(s) run the course, are fully fit to run the trial course and are kept under control/supervision at all times.

📌 Victor Ludorum 2019 final positions

Congratulations go to Hefin Jones and Spotan (Open) and Dylan Edwards and Jet (Class 2) on their very successful seasons. 👏 🍾


🚦EOD Awareness Group on Facebook

We have been asked to raise awareness of this group on Facebook. As many of you will know, Early Onset Deafness (also referred to as EAOD or Early Adult Onset Deafness) is an issue in Border Collies