Rules governing North Wales Sheep Dog Society Trials

All Trials will be run under the current ISDS rules which can downloaded from the ISDS web site

Additional NWSDS Rules

1. The Committee reserve the right to refuse an entry.

2. The Judge/ Judges will decide the time to be allowed for the competition.

3. The Judges are not to be interfered with or spoken to, except through Field Stewards.

4. Any competitor who interferes or speaks to a Judge directly, makes themselves liable to immediate disqualification.

5. Bitches in season are permitted to run but the Trials Committee may make such restrictions as they think fit or alter the order of running
so that other competitors are not adversely affected.

6. Any objections against any dog or bitch in any class, must be lodged with the Secretary, in writing, accompanied by one pound, before
the termination of the Trial. The fee will be refunded if the objection is sustained.

7. Judges are expected whenever possible, to give out marks gained or lost as soon as possible after the completion of each run.

8. All competitors are responsible for keeping their sheep after they have completed their run.

9. Any competitor running a dog or bitch not eligible for a class will be reported to the society.

10. The Committee accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage that may be caused during the Trials and that the Public are on the ground at heir own risk.

11. In addition to these rules, all Competitors must abide by any Rules stipulated by Affiliated Societies.

12. A whistle or bell shall be used to call off a Competitor when their time has elapsed, the use of car horns is to be discouraged due to
possible confusion.

13. A minimum of 15 sheep must be in the release pen at all times and not let out for any run unless joined by more sheep.

14. The Timekeeper and Judge must be in separate accommodation and the Judge must not act as Time Keeper as well. The Time keeper must be situated in reasonable proximity to the Judge.


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