Rules governing North Wales Sheep Dog Society Nursery trials (2019)

1. All NWSDS members, wherever resident, can compete in any of the Nursery Heats.

2. Only NWSDS members who are resident in the old counties of North Wales i.e. Anglesey, Caernarfonshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire are allowed to run in the NWSDS Nursery Final and therefore allowed to represent NWSDS at the All Wales Nursery Final.

3. Every dog competing must be under 3 years of age from the 1st November of the current year.

4. A dog must not have been the winner of any previous NWSDS or All Wales (added 2023) Nursery Final.

5. After the 1st August a dog placed 1st to 6th in an Open trial will be allowed to continue to compete in the current season but not future years.  A dog so placed before the 1st August of the current season will be unable to compete in any future Heats.

6. Competitors who qualify for the NWSDS Nursery Final must have provided their dogs breeding details to the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the Final in order to run.

7. Where any dog is excluded from the NWSDS Nursery Final by virtue of any of the above rules the next highest pointed dog in the relevant Heat will qualify for the Final.

8. Entry fees: a common fee of £5.00 per dog. £2.50 in whole or part to cover trial expenses and £2.50 used to offset the cost of trial insurances.

9. Judges are expected to give points gained or lost at the end of the trial to competitors who request them through the Trial’s Secretary.

10. The number of finalists will not be less than 30 or more than 36 irrespective of the number of qualifying Heats.

11. Only the same combination of handler and dog may qualify for the Nursery Final (the running order will be randomly drawn).

12. Six keepsakes (no cash prizes) will be awarded at the NWSDS Nursery Final.

13. The first 15 (plus 2 reserves) in the NWSDS Nursery final will represent NWSDS at the All Wales Nursery final.

14.  If a Nursery Heat is being run with other classes handlers must run their dogs in the nursery heat first (added 2023).

15. Handlers can only qualify two (2) dogs for the nursery final. If they qualify more than two the handler can choose which two dogs go into the final (added 2024).