Public Liability, Employer’s Liability and Equipment insurance for trials

Is provided for the North Wales Sheep Dog Society (NWSDS) by the FUW through Victor insurance (underwritten by AXA Insurance UK Plc.) This includes cover for Affiliated Trials Societies.







  1. Insurance cover is compulsory unless otherwise insured as part of an agricultural  show, for Affiliated Societies the cost is £15 per trial (payable to NWSDS).
  2. This is not accident cover for anyone who suffers injury to themselves, their property or vehicle through their own neglect..
  3. Vehicle use is not covered and organisers must ensure that these have their own    insurance policy.
  4. Cover extends to all ’employees’ (volunteers) who act under the instruction of the trial organiser.
  5. Affiliated Trials Secretaries i.e. the organiser should undertake a risk assessment (see below) and ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to identify and remove any hazard at the earliest opportunity by instruction, training, or supervision as appropriate.

Summary of sums insured



Risk Assessment 

Risk assessment (NWC example 2021)

Sheep insurance

Is provided by the NWSDS from its own funds and is included in the Affiliated Trials Societies annual membership fee (£15).


  1. The maximum sum for the loss, injury and disposal of any one animal is £150 (note that veterinary fees are not included).
  2. Handlers are liable for any injury or loss caused by their dog.

Welfare and conduct of dogs

Individual handlers are responsible for the welfare (incl. possible injury) and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the trial e.g. deciding whether their dog(s) run the course, are fully fit to run the trial course and are kept under control/supervision at all times.