Public Liability insurance for trials

Is provided through the CCDGC/NWSDS by the International Sheep Dog Society

Summary of cover

The insurance is the same that the Society has for its National and International Trials which, basically, is for £15 million public liability and £10 million employer’s liability cover.  That is, if the Organiser or any Instructed Person (see definition), through neglect, allows injury to a person or that person’s property, then they are protected under the policy subject to insurer’s standard policy terms, exceptions and conditions should legal action be pursued by the injured party.  For property loss or damage there is a £250 excess.  Note that this is not accident cover for anyone who suffers injury to themselves, their property or vehicle through their own neglect nor will persons who are not an Instructed Person be covered.  Vehicle use is not covered and organisers must ensure that these have their own policy.  Also, individual sheep are not insured.


  1. The society or association must be based in the UK (incl. N. Ireland) and be affiliated to the ISDS i.e. be a current member.  The Organiser must be a member of the ISDS.
  2. This form must be completed and sent to the ISDS Office with the administration fee of £15.00 to register the trial details (sent by the CCDGC/NWSDS Secretary and Treasurer)
  3. Strictly, the majority of officials would normally be members of the ISDS. However, cover extends to all Instructed Persons being officials, staff, and volunteers who act under instruction from the Organiser or a designated official; they effectively become employees of the Society for the purpose of the trial, including setting up and dismantling.
  4. The Organiser should have a written list of all responsible persons and must ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to identify and remove any hazard at the earliest opportunity by instruction, training or supervision as appropriate.
  5. The Organiser may delegate authority to manage the trial to another official.


In addition to cover for the CCDGC/NWSDS Championships and Nursery trials the following local trials have purchased insurance.

2019 table to be posted when confirmed


Sheep insurance

Is provided by the CCDGC/NWSDS from its own funds.


  1. The maximum sum for the loss, injury and disposal of any one animal is £150 (note that veterinary fees are not included).
  2. Handlers are liable for any damage caused by their dog.