Beginners / Newcomers ‘fun’ trials

The Society trustees are committed to continuing the series of trials for new handlers.
In addition to encouraging local trials to continue to offer a Class 3, trustees have suggested adding a session to local classes e.g. ‘Friday’ trials.
This would involve less work setting up and could be held 1 or 2 hours before the usual start time.
If there are experienced handlers / trials prepared to offer their time to support this, please get in touch .
The ideal would be to see 1 session of some type being held in each of the old 6 counties every year. There are 3 planned for 2024 so far. Diolch yn fawr.

Tarian Goffa Ellis O. Evans

A new shield, kindly donated by Medwyn Ll. Evans in memory of his late father, our past secretary will be awarded at the All Wales Nursery Final from 2023.
The highest placed handler from the old 6 counties in the North will receive the trophy.
It was first awarded, fittingly to Medwyn and Sian at the final held in Crickhowell in in December 2023.
Hoffai y Gymdeithas ddatgan eu gwerthfawrogiad diffuant.
The Society would like to acknowledge their sincere appreciation.

Charity Commission annual reports 2022/2023

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Financial statement

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CSJ Victor Ludorum 2023 (final)



Cymdeithas Diffibriliwr

The Society has a defibrillator available for trial members to loan (free).

Over the years we have lost several members at trials who may have benefitted had one been available on the field.

It is fully automatic and talks you through the steps so it is straightforward to use and could save a life.

Please contact the Secretary if you would like to arrange to pick up from Ynys Môn or another mutually convenient location.

See also link below:



Training and Experiences

We receive many enquiries asking about sheepdog trainers and experiences.

Unfortunately there are no longer any organised experiences in our area and our charity status prevents us from recommending any individual member for commercial gain.

We suggest you look at our website results page and identify a handler in a particular area.

Many are on Facebook and you could message them directly to ask for their help or send us a post to share on our pages.

The Society also supports events for new and inexperienced handlers. Keep looking at the “Latest news” on our homepage and our Facebook page.




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Trials: “a helping hand”

The Society is keen to try and help any Affiliated Trials who may be struggling to find enough committee members / helpers.

The Society is happy to use its media to help identify individual members who may be willing to help.

Please contact the Secretary if you would find this useful.

📖 Trial entry criteria

TRIAL ENTRY CRITERIA (NWSDS including Affiliated Societies) (unless otherwise stated in members diary)

AGORED/OPEN: Any handler and dog, worldwide,  no restrictions

DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world

DOSBARTH 3/CLASS 3: UK & Ireland based handlers (not dogs) that have not won a single prize of more than £15 anywhere in the world.

Note: Individual handlers are responsible for the  welfare (incl. possible injury) and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the trial e.g.  deciding whether their dog(s) run the course, are fully fit to run the trial course and are kept under control/supervision at all times.