🚩 Pwyllgor Rheoli Ymddiriedolwyr

Next meeting dates 2020:  15.10.20             03.12.20 (A.G.M.)

25.06.20 virtual meeting (key notes)

  1. Agreed that the Society’s position (including the ISDS) remains unchanged from that posted on the website and social media in March. If it is possible to socially gather and travel in the next few months in Wales, it may be possible to run a few local trials and complete elements  of the Nursery season BUT only if ISDS insurance which is currently voided is reinstated and local committees and communities are prepared to arrange/host trials. NWSDS cannot be associated in anyway with any event that is uninsured.
  2. Agreed that previous decision stands and 2021 diaries will NOT be sent to individual members who have not paid their 2020 subscription.
  3. Agreed that Trials who have not paid membership in 2020 will ONLY have a single line entry in the 2021 diary noting only the date and venue.
  4. Agreed not to impose a rejoining fee of £5 in 2021 for unpaid members and trials.
  5. Noted that the Nationwide reserves account has been closed (5th June) and the funds will now be managed through the NWSDS Barclays current account until interest rates are more favourable.
  6. Agreed in view of the Covid-19 restrictions to ‘void’ the 2020 provisions. Consequently, the Chair will remain with Montgomeryshire for 2021 and that Anglesey will now take the Chair from 2022. Arrangements already made for the NWSDS Championships / Nursery Final / Dinner and Class 2 trials in 2020 can hopefully be revived and rearranged for 2021 (in full or in part).
  7. Also agreed that in these exceptional circumstances that the Trustees terms of office be adjusted accordingly – noting that AS will still be replaced by ALlO for Ynys Mon in 2021.

20.02.20 (key notes)

  1. Agreed to post on website / FB offer of possible help from NWSDS members if needed by any Affiliated Trials which are finding it difficult to find sufficient committee members / helpers.
  2. Trustees Indemnity Insurance (TII) discussion paper considered – agreed S&T to obtain quote for further consideration at next meeting.
  3. Policies and procedures – noted and agreed reviews reference list.
  4. Disciplinary procedure – adopted.
  5. Complaints procedure – adopted.
  6. Agreed S&T remuneration (December 2020) in light of developments and charity status.
  7. NWSDS trials – agreed that the Committee should be advised of all arrangements for Championship trials agreed by the local committees e.g. judges, trial fields, number of sheep to be used etc. in order to maintain a minimum standard as far as practically possible.
  8. National Qualifying points – agreed that trials should continue to be encouraged to include a pen and single/shed as required to gain points e.g. within the same time limit if it helps!?
  9. Nursery Qualifying league table 2021 – agreed not to pursue.
  10. Mentor trials 2020 – noted that no trials have been organised to date but several nurseries have invited entries from locals/beginners (need to encourage more to follow suit).
  11. Agreed to propose increasing entry fee for Nursery Heats from £3 to £5 at AGM 2020 (half to NWSDS as now).
  12. Agreed to arrange first meeting in 2021 in January instead of February.

🚩 Aelodaeth 2021

The Trustees have confirmed (25.06.20) that members (individuals and trials) who have not paid their 2020 membership will NOT receive the 2021 trials diary and will reluctantly be removed from the Society’s mailing list.

Payment (£15 / £20 non UK) should be made or sent to the Secretary as soon as possible please. Details are on page 4 of the 2020 diary. The Society still incurs costs so your membership is very important and it will avoid any disappointment and administrative disruption next year.

📌 Coronavirus 2020 trials season – official position

“Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel,” the Prime Minister says.

The UK Chief Medical Adviser Prof. Chris Whitty says it will be a “minimum of weeks to months”. “Depending how it goes it, it may be longer,” he adds. He says it is important that people realise the measures will need to be in place for the “long haul” if the NHS is to be protected. Under the guidance, people who should be “particularly stringent” in minimising their social contact are people over the age of 70 and other adults who would normally be advised to have the flu vaccine (such as those with chronic diseases)”.

This will impact on trials and ultimately affiliated societies will need to decide whether to cancel or postpone their 2020 trial.

The Society Trustees advice is that the most appropriate action is that Affiliated Societies  trials should not be held until the Government advice changes. We believe this is the correct decision to make.

Trustees understand that this will come as a disappointment and inconvenience but ultimately, we all want the same thing, the health and safety of our communities.

The ISDS has also issued an official statement (18th March) which is included below for information.

Consequently, it will be assumed that no trials in the 2020 diary will be held unless or until the Government advice changes. Any change to this will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Public Liability insurance is purchased by the NWSDS through the ISDS and it is now null and void. In the event that Government advice changes later in the season any Affiliated Society trial will have to make their own arrangements for insurance (unless the ISDS position changes). In this case they will be held entirely independent of the Society which cannot and will not accept any associated liabilities whatsoever.  

Trials who have already paid NWSDS for this insurance will be credited for 2021. Other trials who have been insured still need to pay the NWSDS and will also receive a credit for 2021. Both are organised by NWSDS so no action is required by trials. The list of trials is on our website.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

The ISDS official statement regarding COVID-19

“The health and well-being of our members, competitors, sponsors, volunteers and staff is of paramount importance. Advice from the Government and health officials regarding COVID-19 is changing daily with stronger restrictions being implemented and enforced. Considering this, we have concluded that all National, International and World trials will not take place this year. We understand and appreciate the level of disappointment that this will create, however we need to act responsibly during these times of uncertainty.

Local Trials
Based on advice issued by the UK Government on March 16th, specifically regarding restrictions on non-essential travel and contact, we strongly recommend that all local trials are cancelled.

We are receiving cancellation notifications daily and will be updating the trials calendar accordingly.

Points awarded at any local open trials will not be accepted by the ISDS as of today, 18th March; and this will continue until further notice.

Any affiliated local society that has purchased the ISDS Insurance must contact the office to raise a credit, as this insurance will be null and void as of today, 18th March 2020.

Major Trials – National, International & World trial entry has closed, please do not complete any further applications for World Trial entry, and those of you that have already entered will be contacted shortly.

We have made the decision that all major ISDS trials will not take place in 2020. The ISDS will now focus on managing the consequences of this, and when this is completed, start to undertake preparations for planning the 2021 major trial calendar. Once a 2021 calendar plan has been formed, a further statement will be released with necessary details.

We appreciate your support during this period of uncertainty”.

📌 Pencampwriaeth Aelodau ffurflen mynediad


Entry form to download and return with payment (preferred). Alternatively email or message (see CONTACT on menu bar) or use Messenger and pay later.

If, as seems likely, that the 2020 Championships are postponed entries will be carried over to 2021 (date to be confirmed at later date).

NWC 2020 entry

🚩Dyddiadur 2020

Diaries were posted on the 2nd March to all members who paid this and/or last year’s membership and life members. If you didn’t pay you are no longer on the mailing list and need to get in touch please if you want to resurrect your membership. Diolch / Thanks

👀 Trials: “a helping hand”

The Society is keen to try and help any Affiliated Trials who may be struggling to find enough committee members / helpers.

The Society is happy to use its media to help identify individual members who may be willing to help.

Please contact the Secretary if you would find this useful.

🚩 ISN Digital Magazine now available

You can now get the ISN Magazine in a digital version. Please get in touch in order to access. The link has all the instructions.



🚩Pet travel to Europe after Brexit


Whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal [gov.uk link]





🚩 AGM (draft minutes)



5th DECEMBER 2019 (7pm)

Total members present:  27 (20 to be quorate)                   2018 (31), 2017 (39)

  1. Minutes 2018 AGM

Accepted as a true record, no amendments, no matters arising.


  1. Trustees Charity Commission annual report 2018/2019


  • that paying members total 237, life members 34 and trials societies 56.
  • total membership stands at 327 (293 paying). New members 2019 (41) and 2018 (40)
  • Facebook follows 1,461, Website users 5,670 and page views 46,124
  • Society sponsored Class 3 trials 17 (average entries only 3)

PASSED (signed by Chair)

  1. Trustees Charity Commission financial report 2018/2019


  • cash funds at year end £28,966   * not incl. Sec. & Treasurer service agreement payment (£21,837 2017/2018)
  • reserves at year end £21,402 (£17,239 2017/2018)
  • adjusted surplus of £1,6242 from 2018 championship
  • surplus of £1,051 from 2019 championship
  • surplus of £135 from 2019 Class 2 trial
  • three sheep insurance claims amounting to £328
  • ledger and accounts kept by Sec. & Treasurer inspected by Arwel Staples on behalf of the Trustees Management Committee
  • independent examination required if receipts are £25k-£500k (£16k 2018/2019) and full audit if more than £500k
  • the chair expressed the Society’s gratitude once again to the sponsors of the very successful 2019 championships – NFU Wrexham, Nick Caldwell of GB Tools, Berwyn Hill trial and CSJ

 PASSED (signed by Chair and Vice Chair)

  1. Appointment of officials 2020

a) Mr. Edward Archdale

b) Reappointment of current Trustees excluding two vacancies


c) Trustees vacancies

Anglesey – Paul Reports elected

Flintshire – Keith Jones elected

  1. Motions

(1) Add to NWSDS rules: Any dogs used at the letting out pen at the annual NWSDS Championships (incl. Class 2 and Nursery final) should be easily identifiable e.g. by wearing a bright / florescent dog coat / jacket. Affiliated Societies are encouraged to adopt the same rule (deferred from 2018 AGM).

Proposed: Ceri Rundle Seconded: Sue Main

Amendment: to pilot 2020 and review at 2020 AGM

PASSED (for 16 / against 6)

(2) Amend current rule 9: “Judges are expected to give points gained or lost at the end of the trial to competitors who request them through the Trial’s Secretary” ADD “Under no circumstances should judges be approached directly during or after the trial. Any instance will render the member liable to disciplinary action”

Proposed:  Chair   Seconded: Vice chair

Amendment: ADD During and after the trial. “Competitors or their agents are prohibited from approaching a Judge to seek to discuss or influence the award of points. Such an approach is gross misconduct and will render them liable to investigation” ISDS rules for trials 6.2 zc.


 (3) Nursery Rules no.5 Current: After the 1st August a dog placed 1st to 6th in an Open trial or winning a Class 2 will be allowed to continue to compete.

New: After the 1st August a dog placed 1st to 6th in an Open trial will be allowed to continue to compete in the current season but not future years.  A dog so placed before the 1st August of the current season will be unable to compete in any future Heats.

Proposed:  Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(4) Trial entry criteria Current: DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world

New: DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world. Dogs that have won two or more Class 2 trials must run in the ‘Combined’ class if one is available.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(5) NWSDS Class 3 sponsorship 2019 to 2021 (subject to annual review)

Take up by new and inexperienced handlers and dogs in 2019 was less than hoped so NWSDS sponsorship will unfortunately not be continued in 2020 and 2021 (Trustees decision). The total number of trials 17, total runs 40, average per trial 2.4. Cost from reserves £390.

Instead Affiliated Societies trials will be encouraged to run their own NWSDS Class 3

New entry criteria: “Handlers (not dogs) that have won no more than £15, anywhere in the world”. Entry fee £2. Prizes £5, £3, £2 or rosettes.

Amendment: UK & Ireland based handlers…..not won a single prize of more than £15

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(6) NWSDS sponsorship Mentor trials: The Society will provide financial support, if requested (max £50 per trial up to £500 per annum), for dedicated Mentor trials i.e. experienced handlers will provide mentoring at a trial open to new and inexperienced handlers (less than 5 years trialing) only or in conjunction with a local class or nursery. Mentors will accompany handlers at the post and if helpful can accompany them walking the course during their run(s).

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair

Amendment: “non-competitive” & to pilot 2020 and review at 2020 AGM


(7) CCDGC/NWSDS Class 2 trial: That the Vice Chair organises a standalone trial every year i.e. 2020 Anglesey.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(8) Society Championships: The young handler competition be restricted to competitors aged 21 or under (one class only) from 2020. The John Beck trophy for winner and the Magnox trophy for best OLF (same structure as the Singles Championship). Six cash prizes to be awarded £15, £10, £5, £5, £5, £5 (total £45)    (£90 current <18 and <25)

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(9) Sheep insurance: Affiliated Trial Society’s membership includes sheep insurance in the event of any loss at a trial. It is proposed to ADD that “in the event of 2 claims being made in 2 recurring years a £50 excess per sheep will apply for the following 2 years”.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(10) NWSDS Disciplinary procedure: The Society currently does not have a written policy. It is proposed that the ISDS policy be adopted and adapted as necessary.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(11) Associated trials recommendations: To ensure consistency and fairness when a trial has 2 sessions,  entries for both sessions will be open / bookable at the same time on a ‘first come basis’ i.e. both sessions bookable on arrival. No pre booking, telephone bookings, or booking on behalf of absent handlers permitted.

To be noted in 2020 diary as: “Both sessions bookable from start time, no other bookings taken”

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair

FAILED (for 8 / against 12)

(12) Associated trials recommendations: The entry fees for non-members of the NWSDS at all Affiliated Societies trials be £2 more than for paid up members in all classes. Membership to be determined by the competitor’s good faith.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(13) Associated trials recommendations (fund raising): The Society encourages Trials to notify the Secretary of donations given to  charitable causes so that they can be publicised on social media (to promote the Society’s charitable status).

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


(14) Associated trials recommendations: It is strongly recommended that a pen (means of containment with gate) and shed or single be included if practicable and required in order to qualify for National points. Note: may not be necessary if ISDS rules changed 2020.

To be noted in 2020 Diary as  “National qualifying points awarded”.

Proposed: Chair   Seconded: Vice chair


  1. Investiture of new chair and vice chair

John Whitley retired from the chair and thanked everyone present for all their help and support over the last year including the Sec. & Treasurer who also thanked John for keeping in regular contact which made working together very straightforward.

Gareth Ruggeri (Montgomeryshire) was appointed chair for 2019/2020

Paul Roberts (Anglesey) was appointed vice chair for 2019/2020

  1. Trophies 2020 draw

Rhiwlas – Glyn Ceiriog

John Jones – Llansilin

  1. Trial venues 2020

a) Championships – Red House Farm, Aberhafesp, Newtown 13/14/15 July t.b.c.

b) Class 2 Championship – Anglesey t.b.c.

c) Nursery Final – t.b.c.

d) All Wales Nursery Final – South 2020


Young handlers – Erin Fflur and Elgan Jarman


Judges – Cai Pritchard (Tues.) and Hafgan Pugh (Wed.)


  1. Judges panel

List in 2019 diary unchanged.

  1. Annual dinner 2020

Venue to be confirmed but it was agreed that if no other alternative could be found that returning to Brookhouse Mill Denbigh would be a good option given last years success.

  1. Any other business

Farmers Guardian coverage

Agreed to ask Claire Ridge if coverage of Championships, Class 2 and Nursery final could be guaranteed and if so we would provide copy and photos.


Welsh National 2020 fundraiser

Dylan Davies reported that Merionnydd YFC will be holding an event of the 14th February 2020 

Date of next AGM 3rd December 2020

📌 Reminder: trial entry criteria

TRIAL ENTRY CRITERIA (NWSDS including Affiliated Societies) (unless otherwise stated in members diary)

AGORED/OPEN: Any handler and dog, worldwide,  no restrictions

DOSBARTH 2/CLASS 2: Dogs who have not been placed 1st or 2nd in an Open trial, held anywhere in the world

DOSBARTH 3/CLASS 3: UK & Ireland based handlers (not dogs) that have not won a single prize of more than £15 anywhere in the world.

Note: Individual handlers are responsible for the  welfare (incl. possible injury) and conduct of their dogs and must carry out their own risk assessment of the tasks asked of their dogs during the trial e.g.  deciding whether their dog(s) run the course, are fully fit to run the trial course and are kept under control/supervision at all times.