🚩 Trainers: providers list?

CCDGC is receiving an increasing number of enquiries about trainers / training courses.

If there is sufficient interest, the Society will compile a list of providers to post on our website and include in future diaries.

No trainers will be recommended, endorsed or insured and each will be responsible for agreeing their own terms with trainees. If you would like to be added to the list please Facebook private message or email

Please confirm in your message that you agree to your name, tel. number and area to be made public. This is required to comply with data protection regulations otherwise you cannot be included.

Diolch yn fawr / Thank you.

📌 Members Championships trial entry form (by 06.07.19)

.pdf        NWC 2019 entry

.docx      NWC 2019 entry

📌 Welsh World Trial (2020) Qualifier entry form (by 31.07.19)

Entry form download

.docx          WTQ 2019

.pdf            WTQ 2019

Please also note new postcode HR4 7JU

😃 Dyddiadur / Diary 2019

Posted today as planned (same as South Wales SDTA) to all paid up and life members and those that paid last year but are still outstanding (not sent to members who did not pay last year or underpaid). Please note that it was cheaper to send 2 envelopes to 1 address than to send 2 diaries in 1 envelope!

🚘 Training Clinics (Glynllifon)

Free weekly training clinics on Monday evening (5pm to 8pm) will continue up to Easter at Coleg Glynllifon, Caernarfon. They will recommence in December and run to Easter 2020.

Young Handlers in particular are invited to take part..

Please contact Cai Pritchard if you are interested: 07876 552285

🚩 Pwllgor Rheoli Ymddiriedolwyr

Meeting dates 2019:            27.06.19      17.10.19      05.12.19 (A.G.M.)


Membership: Pleasing to note that 50 new members have joined the  Society in the past year and 70% of members have paid their subscriptions due on the 1st January.

Public Liability insurance (ISDS): Requirements have been added to the 2019 diary to raise awareness (already on website).

Charity Commission reporting: Paper summarising the requirements discussed. Noted that the Commission’s templates will be used from the 2019 AGM.

Trials diary 2019: Completed ready for the printers, overall 1 less trial to date (notably Betws yn Rhos will not be held this year) but others likely to be added.

NWSDS Class 3 sponsorship: 17 trials have agreed to accept.

Sioe Fawr / RWAS young handlers competition < 25: Shortlist of possible competitors agreed. To be confirmed as soon as possible.


ISDS Welsh Directors meeting: Agreed to propose to meeting on 21.10.18 a) returning to 5 a day qualification at National AND run draw process to be reviewed b) the NWSDS Championships 2019 be used as the World Trial qualification for North Wales.

Membership fee 2019: As paid members now exceeds 200 no pressing need to consider an increase (no resolution now required at 2018 AGM).

S&T position: Agreed to recommission Martin D. for 2019 and report to 2018 AGM

Resolutions 2018 AGM:

  1. New constitution
  2. New Nursery Rules: entry qualifications same as South Wales
  3. NWSDS sponsored Class 3 (£40) for young handlers & beginners for 3 years subject to annual review.
  4. Amend Additional Rules for Trials Rule 7 to replace “after completion of run” with “at the end of the trial through the trial Secretary”

Suggestion to change Class 2 entry requirements not supported

Nursery final: Agreed venue and start time (posted on website) and that John Ellis to judge and also represent NWSDS at the All Wales Final

Venues and dates for 2019 (Championships [? incl. World trial qualification], Nursery Final, All Wales Nursery Final and Annual Dinner). Agreed that

  1. John Whiteley (2019 Chair) will action
  2. Venue for All Wales Nursery Final to be discussed at AGM.

Annual Dinner 24th November 2018: Chair to confirm arrangements with S&T as soon as possible. Society trophies etc. to be presented at the evening. S&T to remind winners


AGM notice: Agreed to only post papers to those members who do not have email

Judges panel: agreed to review / update for 2019 diary

Membership fee 2019: Agreed to prepare resolution for 2018 AGM and to increase membership for non UK members by £5 to cover cost of postage and additional administration from 2019.

Sheep insurance claims 2017: noted that payments have been completed

Safeguarding: Trustees Charity responsibilities noted & policy posted on website

GDPR: Privacy notice posted on website and noted on membership forms

Nursery Rules: Agreed to try and arrange meeting at Welsh National (after AGM) to discuss way forward on agreeing all Wales rules

Viability: Noted that on latest information to break even approximately £200 is now required.


Viability: Noted that on current information to break-even approximately £500 is required to be made each year from the Society trials. This has been accomplished on average in recent years so there is no short term financial risk but aim must be to break even e.g. requires approximately another 50 members to be recruited or £4/5 increase in subscriptions.

Public Liability Insurance: Agreed to continue with ISDS due to balance of risks associated with taking out Society cover.

New (updated) Constitution:  Draft to be circulated to Trustees with email addresses and agreed to table adoption as motion at 2018 AGM.

Trustee’s responsibilities: paper shared for information to be circulated to those with email addresses.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): Agreed to proceed in general on basis of ‘Legitimate Interest’ unless or until questioned by the ICO regulator (Information Commissioners Office) or further guidance is issued.

Nursery Rules:

  1. NWSDS position / options to be discussed at next meeting.
  2. Agreed that Chair form a subcommittee (chair and 2 others) to meet with a similar number from SWSDTA to try and agree the same Nursery rules for both Societies before the respective 2018 AGMs i.e. before November.

Website: Agreed that only additions and changes to trials to be posted on website / Facebook page.


New handlers definition: Agreed best course is to continue as present i.e. local trials determining their own definitions

Accounts: Agreed to consolidate 3 accounts into 1 a.s.a.p.

West Bromwich B.S. Agreed to close account a.s.a.p.

Insurances: Agreed to obtain quotation for NWSDS PL cover, meet sheep loss, injury and disposal (up to £150 max. each animal – veterinary fees are not included) from Society funds (current account) and not to insure trophies.

Underpayments: Agreed that those members that have underpaid be reminded.

Tâl Ymaelodi 2019


Hoffem ddiolch i chi gyd am eich cefnogaeth parhaus ac edrychwn ymlaen i flwyddyn arall gyffrous yn 2019. Bydded i’r flwyddyn newydd ddod â heddwch a iechyd da i chi.

I’ch atgoffa fod tâl ymaelodi yn ddyledus ar y 1af o Ionawr: £15 Aelodau Unigol (£20 tu allan i D.U.) a Chymdeithasau Treialon (a £15 yn ychwanegol am insiwrans cyfrifoldeb cyhoeddus). Dilynwch y linc am fanylion llawn.


Trials sponsorship: important information

At the 2018 CCDGC/NWSDS AGM the following motion was passed:

That NWSDS sponsors a maximum of 20 trials per year for 3 years (subject to annual review) to the sum of £30 each for a free to enter Class 3 “Handler and dog that have not run in any Open trial or been placed in any Class 2 trial (NWSDS criteria), held anywhere in the world.”

 £10, £6, £4 prize money plus £10 for trial = £600 p.a. x 3 years = £1,800 

  • Positive initiative to address concerns about the low number of new handlers and to encourage beginners involved in clinics etc.
  • If possible but not essential, to be held on a separate day to an Open / Class 2 e.g. alongside a local class.
  • Positive use of reserves to actively promote Society’s charitable aims.
  • Funding to come from a restricted reserve fund.

You may have already taken up this offer or may wish to in the future.

Simplest way is that NWSDS pays your Affiliated Trial Society membership and Public Liability insurance (value £30). Your Trial then pays the prize money of £20.

Please discuss with the Secretary when contacted about preparing the next diary.


Annual General Meeting 06.12.18

The Annual General Meeting of the North Wales Sheepdog Society was held on Thursday 6th December 2018 at 7.00pm in the Pentrefoelas Education Centre LL24 0LE.

Key points

Noted that paid members total 209 (break even target figure 200) including 41 new members. Affiliated trials members 59.

Surplus of £2,031.57 was reported for the year 2017/2018.

Reserves amount to £17,239.13

Donation of £2,703.49 was recently received from the Coop (nominated community cause). This will be added to the reserves and reported in the 2018/2019 accounts.

Motions passed:

  • New constitution adopted “Charitable Unincorporated Association” (see Membership menu)
  • Amended NWSDS rule “Judges are expected, to give points gained or lost at the end of the trial to competitors who request them through the trial Secretary”.
  • That NWSDS sponsors a maximum of 20 trials per year for 3 years (subject to annual review) to the sum of £30 each for a free to enter Class 3 “Handler and dog that have not run in any Open trial or been placed in any Class 2 trial (NWSDS criteria), held anywhere in the world.” (see News post)
  • Nursery rules revised commencing 2019 (see Trials menu)

12 new Trustees appointed as required by the new constitution

Trophies 2019 draw: Rhiwlas (Llanrwst) &  John Jones (Dinas Mawddwy)

Trial venues 2019: Championships – Penbedw, Tues. / Wed. 3rd and 4th September

Class 2 Championship – Berwyn have kindly offered to provide venue for a dedicated trial with a NWSDS sponsored Class 3 run in conjunction.

Nursery Final – Venue to be confirmed, Sat. 16th November

All Wales Nursery Final – Bodfari, date to be confirmed.

New Nursery Heat to be held at Llanerchymedd (9 in total 2019)

Noted that in order to comply with GDPR only telephone numbers will be used as contact details for trials in 2019 diary.

Alabama rot

  • Alabama rot causes skin lesions and can cause fatal kidney disease
  • The cause of Alabama rot is unknown, but most dogs that need treatment have been walked in muddy, woodland areas
  • If you notice symptoms of Alabama rot, such as lesions, sores or ulcers on your dog’s legs, paws or face, contact your vet immediately

Alabama rot is a disease that damages blood vessels in the skin and kidney. It causes blood to clot in the vessels which damages the lining and the delicate tissues of the kidneys.

This causes ulcers on a dog’s skin, but sadly it causes kidney failure in the kidneys, which can be fatal.

Alabama rot’s full, scientific name is cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV).

Sores like this one may appear on your dog’s skin if they have Alabama rot. Photo by Anderson Moores.

It was first identified in the USA in the 1980s.

What causes Alabama rot?

The actual cause of Alabama rot is not known. Some reports in the US suggest it is linked to the bacteria E.coli, but there is no evidence for this in cases seen in the UK.

It can affect any dog of any breed, age, or size.

The majority of dogs who have been treated for Alabama rot in the UK have been walked in muddy and/or woodland areas.

More cases are reported between November and May than between June and October, which suggests the dogs are more likely to be affected in winter and spring.

What are the symptoms Alabama rot?

The first signs you may notice if your dog has contracted Alabama rot are lesions or ulcers on the skin. These could appear as a patch of red skin, or as an open ulcer or sore. In many cases, the lesions will look out of the ordinary to vets.

These sores are most commonly found on a dog’s paws or lower legs, but they can also be found on a dog’s face, mouth or tongue, or on their lower body.

Signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, tiredness and vomiting.

If your dog is showing signs of sore skin or ulcers on an area of their body that is close to the floor (and you know these have not been caused by an injury) it’s a good idea to contact your vet.

On average, dogs suffer from kidney failure about three days after lesions begin to show on the skin, however the time between sores appearing and kidney failure can be between one and 10 days.

The earlier this disease is caught and treated by a vet, the higher the chances of recovery.

How can I stop my dog getting Alabama rot?

As the source of Alabama rot is unknown, there is no way of making sure you stay away from the cause but there are things you can do to prevent your dog from being affected.

Checking your dog’s body once a day for lumps and bumps is a good habit for all dog owners to get in to, and checking them regularly for the signs listed above will help lower the risk of your dog dying from Alabama rot.

Sadly, dogs have contracted Alabama rot in many places across the UK over the past couple of years including Wales.

Thankfully, the disease is not always fatal and the earlier it is caught, the greater your dog’s chances of survival.

Dogs cannot be vaccinated against Alabama rot.