🚩 Trials insurance: a timely reminder

As trialling slowly recommences an unfortunate incident has once again highlighted the requirement for trial organisers to complete the required risk assessment (sample attached) for insurance cover. 

Although this may not have been done routinely in the past, in present times where litigation is on the increase it is more and more important.  

Recently a handler suffered a serious ankle injury after slipping on cow dung whilst at the pen. Although a rare incident, it is an example of a hazard that does not normally appear in assessments suggesting it is often overlooked and therefore not addressed. The nature of the injury highlights the need for trial organisers to include this potential hazard i.e. risk of handlers slipping / falling which may result in an insurance claim against the organisers.  

This and other potential hazards are included in the sample risk assessment.

Insurers require trial organisers to have completed an assessment to ensure they are covered.

Current Wales Covid-19 rules also require the organiser to meet the requirements in the regulations “to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus and must carry out a risk assessment” 

Please take a look at the sample form and complete an assessment(s) before your trial to help minimise the risks. 

A timely reminder that is all but it will really help. 

Information and sample forms (click on link): https://www.northwalessheepdogsociety.org.uk/insurance/

Thanks for your cooperation.
Diolch yn fawr iawn