🚩 Membership 2021

The Trustees have agreed (18.10.20) that the 2021 diary is likely to be produced in electronic form (.pdf) in order to help control costs if, as seems likely, some Covid-19 restrictions are still in place and it may not be possible to confirm dates. In this event (new) dates will be added to the website when they become available as normal.

Please note that if and when it is possible to reintroduce a printed diary these will only be posted to fully paid up members.

Your membership is important and contributes to the functioning of all the other aspects of the Society including running our trials, media platforms, results / advertising services and meeting our Charity Commission requirements.

Payment is due on the 1st January each year (£15 / £20 non UK) and should be made (standing order preferred) or sent to the Secretary as soon as possible please. Bank and postal details are on page 4 of the diary.

This will avoid any disappointment, administrative disruption and ensure you remain on the Society’s mailing list. Your support is very valuable and much appreciated.