🚩Welsh Youth Development Fund: Auction of Promises

Wales has a rich history of sheep farming and sheep dog trialling. With an outstanding sheepdog trialling tradition to uphold, a new Welsh Youth Development Fund has been established to help foster and develop the talent of our young handlers. The fund will be used for events such as 2-3 day training camps designed to bring together young handlers and our National, World and Supreme Champions. This fund is administered through the International Sheepdog Trials account, managed by Meirion Owen, with the Welsh ISDS directorate overseeing the fund.
To kick off this fund, an online Auction of Promises is to be held on December 1st and 2nd 2019. This will be a 48-hour auction closing at midnight GMT on the 2nd so you’re going to have to get in quick. Here are some of the prizes so far (and please could we have more donations).
 1. A ‘Slave for the Day’ – Arran Games, who is a plumber. Very useful. (South Wales)
2. A ‘Slave for the Day’ – Arwyn Davies, he’ll do anything you ask. Well, almost. (North Wales)
3. A day of gathering the Cumbrian fells with the incomparable and amazing Katy Cropper (open to anyone who wants to visit Cumbria)
4. A 3-hour lesson with Ricky Hutchison – take a lesson with your dog or get some practical sheep experience. Your choice. (open to anyone who wants to visit Littledale)
5. A day of work from an experienced bricklayer, Peter Jones (Swansea and surrounding areas)
6. An exclusive CSJ garment from Ceri Rundle (can be posted globally)
7. A goody box of Sue Main’s very famous and incredibly delicious cakes. Perfect for the freezer (collection from Bala).
8. A fantastic knitted wool cushion handmade by the incredible Carin van Kampen in Holland. (can be posted globally)
9. A 250kg (!) Ball of Madley Rock Salt Lumps from Hafod Farm Supplies and Meirion Owen (collection from Llanarthne, South Wales).
10. 10 bales of shavings from Hafod Farm Supplies and Meirion Owen (collection from Llanarthne, South Wales).
11. A custom designed pottery dinner plate from Kelvin Broad. (can be posted globally)
12. One ‘S is for Sheepdogs’ book from Sue Main. An incredible book (can be posted globally).
13. Two handcrafted sheepdog whistles made by Dafydd Davies (can be posted globally)
14. A farm and workshop visit by the very famous stickmaker, Dafydd Davies (open to anyone visiting Wales up to September 30, 2020)
15. A guided tour of a Welsh hill farm with the eloquent, interesting and knowledgeable David Rees (open to anyone visiting Wales up to September 30, 2020).
 This is just a snapshot of some of the prizes and promises to be auctioned.
 If you would like to donate a prize or a promise, or even sponsor a prize (like a family pass to a family entertainment venue, a 2 hour lesson with a top handler anywhere in the world, a day or your time to mow someone’s lawn or help in the garden, or even taxi someone to the grocery store, please contact the auction administrator, Angie Driscoll at 2angiecan@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.
 Please share 🙂👍