Trials sponsorship: important information

At the 2018 CCDGC/NWSDS AGM the following motion was passed:

That NWSDS sponsors a maximum of 20 trials per year for 3 years (subject to annual review) to the sum of £30 each for a free to enter Class 3 “Handler and dog that have not run in any Open trial or been placed in any Class 2 trial (NWSDS criteria), held anywhere in the world.”

 £10, £6, £4 prize money plus £10 for trial = £600 p.a. x 3 years = £1,800 

  • Positive initiative to address concerns about the low number of new handlers and to encourage beginners involved in clinics etc.
  • If possible but not essential, to be held on a separate day to an Open / Class 2 e.g. alongside a local class.
  • Positive use of reserves to actively promote Society’s charitable aims.
  • Funding to come from a restricted reserve fund.

You may have already taken up this offer or may wish to in the future.

Simplest way is that NWSDS pays your Affiliated Trial Society membership and Public Liability insurance (value £30). Your Trial then pays the prize money of £20.

Please discuss with the Secretary when contacted about preparing the next diary.